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3 Tips to Help with Anxiety

Oct 12, 2020 3:09:20 PM / by Dr Don Wood posted in Anxiety, uncertainty, Breathe



Do you deal with anxiety? The majority of people do. So, what can you do about it? NOTHING! In fact, nothing is what you can do about it. I know, that doesn’t seem to make any sense does it? Let me explain what I mean by nothing. The key to solving any issue is to understand why you have it. Understanding why something happens is fundamental to applying a solution. Anxiety doesn’t happen because your mind is bored and has nothing to do. It’s quite the opposite. Your mind is doing too much. Anxiety is caused by uncertainty, and uncertainty is the number one fear for all humans. It appears our human mind doesn’t like being in the dark, literally in the dark. What’s going to happen at that big presentation next week? How am I going to make my rent next month? Those scenarios are typical for people dealing with anxiety. So now, let’s examine the first tip I just mentioned about doing nothing.

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